Better waste treatment

80% of organic waste treated by 2040.

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Recycling is a crucial practice to mitigate environmental pollution. Through simple, everyday actions, we can make big changes and contribute to improving life on the planet.

Aware of the importance of recycling, the City has worked on the development and management of a complex waste treatment matrix that includes: 1 Recycling Center, 1 Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant, 3 Composting Centers for green waste and 16 Green Centers for the processing of recyclable materials.

The City Recycling Center was born with the objective of concentrating the treatment of various types of waste in one place, promoting the synergy of the processes. In addition, it aims to inform and raise awareness among citizens about the importance of separation at source, recycling and composting, among other actions for the climate that people can incorporate into their habits.

This center has five waste treatment plants (construction and demolition waste, organic waste, forestry residues, PET bottles and other recyclables) and a Circular Economy Center, all connected through walkways. There we process 40% of the waste managed by the City and it is considered one of the most important environmental poles nationwide.

There are currently more than 4,079 green containers throughout the City municipal urban divisions.

Did you know that the three Composting Centers have more than 8,000 m2 dedicated to the valorization of almost 600 tons per month of green waste from parks and squares of the City, which are used for the maintenance and care of public spaces?

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