Integrating neighbourhoods

Access to basic services for all local populations involved in the urbanization projects in vulnerable neighbourhoods by 2030.

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The inhabitants of the popular neighborhoods of the City are exposed to greater climatic risks since the absence of green spaces, the amount of infrastructure and the density of the neighborhoods, favors the increase in temperature and the effect of an urban heat island. In addition, due to the characteristics of these areas, they favor flooding in the event of significant rainfall events. To address this situation, we decided to integrate the neighborhoods through a process based on three axes:

  • I) Urban integration (public services, urban criteria, transport).

  • II) Housing integration (decent housing, tenure security).

  • III) Socioeconomic integration (health, environment, education, safety, work).

Within these axes, the proposal includes measures such as the active management by citizens, the redevelopment of neighborhoods, access to sustainable public transport, the incorporation of green spaces and public spaces, land use planning and the generation of more commercial premises.

Some of the neighborhoods in which we have already started the integration works are: Barrio Mugica, Playón de Chacarita, Barrio 20 and Rodrigo Bueno, where sustainability standards have been applied and, in some cases, certifications for efficiency in the use of energy and water have been achieved.

We carried out the integration of these neighborhoods focusing mainly on improving the living conditions of the neighbors, understanding that this cannot be done without advancing on the optimization of environmental conditions. Thermal insulation, efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting systems, photovoltaic solar energy generation, heating systems and solar water pumping are some of the tools and measures incorporated in these projects. In addition, sustainable mobility was promoted through the incorporation of bicycle paths, Ecobici stations and access to public transportation.

Did you know that 100% of the population residing in the new homes in Barrio 31, Barrio 20, Rodrigo Bueno and Fraga neighborhoods have access to basic services?

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