Lunes 27 de Enero de 2020

Enjoy the touch tour of the play La elegida (the chosen one) by Paula Fanelli

The 13th edition of Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA) offers a touch tour for visually impaired people.

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Accessibility is a key feature for the 2020 edition of FIBA, that’s why there were collaborations in place with specific organisations and institutions to bring the festival closer to more people. The touch tour is a guided tour through the stage were the performance will take place. A performance which will also offer an introductory audio description giving aesthetic and spacial information about the play. During the tour, participants will be able to handle costumes and props and explore the scenery before enjoying the show.

La elegida by Paula Fanelli relates the passage from adolescence to adulthood of a woman who has always been the chosen one: in her family, at school, in theatre, even by God. What happens when our life is defined by being always someone’s chosen one? What’s left when that’s no longer the case?

The Touch Tour of La Elegida will take place on Saturday 25 January at 8 pm in Espacio Callejón (Humahuaca 3759). Book your tickets here.

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