Lunes 27 de Enero de 2020

‘Give me a reason to live, dance without borders’

The Scottish dancer and choreographer Claire Cunningham explores art, religion, and preconceptions about body and soul. The play is also an emblem of one of the focal points of this year’s festival: accessibility through concrete actions and conceptual talks.

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Give me a reason to live will be staged on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 (on this performance with a Q and A after the show) in Teatro Beckett in Abasto. The piece displays the dance without boundaries of scottish dancer and choreographer Claire Cunningham, one of the most renowned british artists and disabled activists in the world. She explores her physical disability in a solo inspired by medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, staging a deeply beautiful piece about struggle and transcendance.

The creation is based on the observation of Bosch’s apocalyptic paintings, in which disabled figures appear regularly as symbols of sin. From said observation, Cunninham questions society’s views on alteration and difference. Starting from her own experience, the piece is based on the use and misuse of crutches; and on the exploration of her physical potential, actively rejecting traditional choreographic techniques developed solely for able bodies.

Invitation in Argentine sign language to the activities of Scottish artist Claire Cunningham: her piece ‘Give me a Reason to Live’, the perfomance conference ‘4 Legs Good’ and the talk ‘Inclusive Scenic Arts: challenges and opportunities’. Within the frame of FIBA 2020’s accessible programming, achieved thanks to the collaboration with the British Council, with Argentine Sign Language interpretation, thanks to SEA (Señas en Acción).