General Information

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Presential events

All the tickets for this edition of the Festival are free, with previous online reservation.*

Ticket reservations become available at 2 pm two days before each event at this website.

1 (one) ticket per performance can be reserved.

  • The performances of these plays require buying of tickets, which will be available starting February 24th: Casi normales, Conejo blanco conejo rojo, El amor es un bien and El Bululú. Antología endiablada.

The following experiences are permanent and do not need ticket reservation: Experiencias en rimas at Librería de Ávila, and Jardín Sonoro Volumen 2 at Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays.

Some performances do not allow entrance after the show has begun, and joining walks after they have left their initial point is not allowed.

Virtual and digital events

All the events that are part of the Vivamos Cultura platform program may be enjoyed freely with no need for making reservations, as well as the events broadcast through YouTube Live.

Some of the events accessed through Zoom, Google Meet and the Alternativa Teatral platform require prior reservation. In the catalogue page for every event, the modality of access is made clear. Inscription forms and links will be available at this website starting Wednesday, February 24th.

Events from cars at the #PandemicTheatre Device

At the Mandarine Cultural Tent venue, inside the Punta Carrasco Complex, is the device from Italian designer Emanuele Sinisi, which houses events that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car.

Each reservation is per car. It is not necessary for each person in the vehicle to make a reservation.

The number of people admitted per vehicle must coincide with the number of seatbelts the car has.

COVID-19 health protocol

All the events comply with the norms imposed by the COVID-19 health protocols in force for theaters and/or outdoor activities, abiding to controlled entry, the taking of temperature, the recording of data and any other requisite demanded.

Use of face masks is mandatory at every performance.


The Festival offers performances and activities with technical and human accessibility resources for people with different disabilities to enjoy the program:

Thanks to close collaboration with the British Council, this year’s Festival offers performances and activities with human and technical resources in order for people with a visual or auditory disability and the hearing-impaired community to be able to enjoy the Festival’s programming.

  • Presence of an Argentinian Sign Language interpreter onstage.

  • Room equipped with induction loops for people who wear a hearing aid or a cochlear implant. Devices need to be switched to the T or telecoil setting when entering the room.

  • A descriptive audio narration for people with a visual impairment.

  • Performances with subtitles in Spanish.

  • CC for deaf audience members.

  • In compliance with National Law 26.858, all Festival activities ensure people with a disability the right to access, move around and stay, accompanied by a guide or an assistance dog.

  • Spaces accessible for people in a wheelchair.

Set-aside Tickets

In compliance with Article 4 of Act 3,546, there will be free capacity for people with disabilities so they can access the performances by registering through the CUD at the box office. Said set-aside tickets will be valid until 30 (thirty) minutes before the beginning of the show.

Question & Answers (Q&A)

Some of the performance of international projects have an instance of questions and answers, both pre-recorded and live with the possibility of interacting with the company members. These performances are indicated with the Q&A acronym. Pre-recorded interviews will be available in the Vivamos Cultura platform. In order to be part of the Q&As broadcast live through Zoom, the inscription form can be found at this website.