Terms and conditions Dance World Championship

TANGO BA Dance World Championship in Tango de Pista Style and Stage Tango Style

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The Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires convenes the 2021 Dance World Cup, which will take place between September 16 and 26, 2021 within the framework of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Mundial, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Aires, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The 2021 Dance World Cup comprises the following categories: Tango de Pista and Stage Tango. The dancers will be able to present themselves in presential and virtual mode . Both categories and modalities are of free participation, for amateurs and professionals .


Regarding the organization, programming and realization of the Dance World Cup 2021, the maximum authority will be the General Directorate of Central Festivals and Events (DGFyEC), dependent on the Subsecretarate of Cultural Management of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. This Directorate is responsible for ensuring compliance with all provisions of this Regulation and the implementation of the health protocol Covid19.

The Organization will not be responsible for delays and unforeseen events that may arise, for any reason, at the time of the presentation of the different contestants in the different rounds.

The Organization reserves the right to record all instances of the 2021 Dance World Cup, by means of any known or unknown medium –including, without limitation, filming, recording, photography, digitization, etc.–, by itself or by means of third parties authorized for this purpose, in order to promote and disseminate it. The records thus obtained will be the exclusive property of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The sole registration in the 2021 Dance World Cup implies the express and irrevocable authorization of the participants on the use of the records made, without this implying - or leading to suppose - any type of payment, for any reason that is intended, by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in favor of any person or organization that attributes power over the rights that may be invoked. This clause also includes, without limitation, the photographic material that is published and / or that is available for promotion, advertising, etc.

All the participants of the 2021 Dance World Cup undertake to be available in person or virtually at the various acts and events planned by the Organization - such as press conferences, reports, interviews on different radio stations and / or on television channels of air or cable, etc.– provided they are cited for that purpose.

The Organization will be the only one that will have the power to arrange the order of the participants' actions and their modality, as well as to specify the number of rounds in which each pair must participate.

All participants will have to participate in the accreditation instance of the festival that will be carried out online and/or in person (for both virtual and presential participants), on the date and at the time indicated by the Organization. At that time, they will be given the order number. Those who do not appear for the accreditation will not be able to participate in the 2021 Dance World Cup. The delay will only be justified by duly accredited force majeure, or general situations that are publicly known.

The following persons will be disqualified from competing: personnel of the General Directorate of Central Festivals and Events; organizers of Official Preliminaries and juries of Tango Buenos Aires World Dance and its preliminaries; staff members and artists that make up the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Mundial programming -with the exception of those selected through the calls launched in July 2021- , sponsors and / or staff of companies that sponsor Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Mundial, or anyone who maintains a permanent link with the DGFyEC.

The Organization establishes the Internet site buenosaires.gob.ar/festivales as the official means of communication for the event, not excluding other forms of dissemination.


The registration and participation in the 2021 Dance World Cup is free, in both modalities, presential and virtual. Attentive to the limitations that may arise in relation to the protocol of scenic activities in the framework of the health emergency, the organization reserves the possibility of establishing a quota of registrants for the presential competition .

Interested parties must register between August 9 and 31, 2021 inclusive, with the Organization being empowered to extend the term if deemed necessary.

Registration must be done via the Internet through the official website buenosaires.gob.ar/festivales.

Couples may be of any nationality and their members must be over 18 years of age, completed on the start date of the Dance World Cup 2021 (September 16, 2021). Only one registration per category may be made, although it is not mandatory to do so in both, or with the same partner. At the time of registration, the couple must decide whether to appear in person or virtually, the same couple being able to appear in one category in person and in another in virtual mode.

Each pair will represent a city. If its members reside in different cities, they must choose the place of residence or birth of only one of them. However, in the event that one of the members of the couple is Argentine, and another foreigner, they may represent the foreign city only if both resided in that city for at least two years and are able to corroborate it with the corresponding legal documentation. Otherwise, they must represent Argentina.

The organization reserves the right that, if the epidemiological situation requires it, the couples registered for the presential competition go on to compete virtually.


All participants, both in the presential competition and the virtual competition, must confirm their registration at the time of virtual and / or presential accreditation within a range of days established by the Organization. To obtain accreditation, it will be mandatory to send a photo or scan of the identity document (Argentina and Mercosur) or passport (rest of the world) in force(other types of documents will not be accepted as valid), or the physical presentation of said documents on the dates and times stipulated by the organization, in order to certify their identity and the place of birth or residence in the city they decided to represent.

Expired documents or certificates of DNI / Passport in process or reports of theft will not be accepted. For Argentine participants, the only valid DNI is the new digital document (card type) in force.

All the data provided at the time of accreditation will have the character of an affidavit. Any contradiction in them, after the signature, will be penalized by the Organization with a decrease in score, disqualification to compete or any other provision that this body establishes.


Couples dancing in presential mode must prove their identity before each stage to dance, presenting their documents or passports. Also, considering the current epidemiological situation, each contestant must submit a certificate Negative COVID made with up to 24 hrs before submission. This certificate must be updated should the couple move to semifinals and should pass the final instance. We recall that this study is available for free and without shift at the Centers Testing the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (for more information on this particular: buenosaires.gob.ar/coronavirus/hacete-el-test

In addition to the COVID Negative certificate, in each presential instance of participation, participants must complete and sign an affidavit stating that they do not have symptoms compatible with Coronavirus COVID-19 infection (fever 37.5 ° or more, cough, sore throat, joint or headache, difficulty breathing, lack of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea) and / or not having recently had close contact with suspected and / or confirmed cases. The omission or falsification of any of these data will be penalized by the Organization with the disqualification of the participant to compete in the 2021 Dance World Cup and / or its 2022 edition , in addition to the sanctions that correspond to it for breach of the rules aimed at avoiding the spread of the virus, stipulated in Article 205 of the National Penal Code.


All registrants who participate in the virtual modality, both in Tango de Pista and Stage Tango, must respect the following guidelines for sending the videos:

The couple should be filmed full body making sure that the feet can be seen clearly in the video. The video recording quality must be optimal, with a minimum resolution of 720 x 480 px and in a well-lit space. The video must be recorded with a fixed camera and in a single sequence shot, horizontally (videos recorded in vertical format will not be accepted) without cuts or edits. The couple must be in frame at all times. The sound must also be clear, the sound track must respect what the dancers are listening to when they dance and the audio or image cannot be edited, cut or stepped on under any circumstances. The presentation of the video must be made in the range of dates stipulated by the Organization, so videos of previous performances such as presentations in the Dance World Cup, TANGO BA Preliminaries, exhibitions at festivals, milongas etc. will not be accepted. To confirm that the dancers make the video in this time range, the Stage Tango dancers must say or show a written paper with a specific phrase that will be duly sent to them at the beginning or end of the dance. Regarding Tango de Pista, they must dance on the track specifically sent by the Organization. It is the sole responsibility of the couple to send the videos in the time stipulated by the Organization. Videos received after the deadline or that do not meet the conditions described above will not be accepted.


The couples that participate in person will compete on equal terms with the couples that participate virtually, both being scored by the same jurors and generating a single ranking.

Of the presential Contest

The Tango de Pista couples that participate in person will compete in group presentations and will dance three songs, recorded, chosen by the Organization.

In the Stage Tango category, each presential couple will compete individually, dancing a theme that they have chosen that must not exceed four (4) minutes in duration. Couples must send the dance theme by email at the accreditation instance. Couples will be able to present different choreographies in the different instances of the contest.

All competitors who appear in person must wear a mask at all times. If the protocol allows it at the time of the competition, an exception may be considered for Stage Tango dancers when they go on stage.

Of the Virtual Contest

The Tango de Pista couples that participate in virtual mode will receive two songs in mp3 format, chosen by the Organization. From the reception of the themes, the couples will have a limited time range to produce and submit their videos. Videos in which couples dance to other versions of the songs sent will not be accepted. The videos received will be compiled so that several synchro couples dancing at the same time are projected on a split screen.

Stage Tango couples participating in virtual mode must record their dancing to the theme chosen by them, which shall not exceed (4) minutes. The video must be made in a limited time range stipulated by the production. To this end, the couples will be given a phrase that they must mention at the beginning or end of the video to corroborate that it was produced in that time frame. No videos recorded before this time will be received. Couples will be able to present different choreographies in the different instances of the contest. Each video will be presented individually to the jury.

The Dance World Cup 2021, in both categories, will take place in three stages:

a) Classification,
b) Semifinal and
c) Final.


All the couples accredited to participate in person and virtual will participate and will be qualified by the same number of jurors.

Couples who appear in person will make a single presentation on the date and time defined and duly communicated by the Organization.

In the case of couples who will be presented virtually, each video will be seen by all the jurors in a specifically adapted room.

The pairs that have obtained the highest averages will advance to the semifinal.


Those couples selected in the qualification stage will compete . In this instance, each couple that is present in person will make a new presentation.

Couples who present themselves virtually will be asked to send a new video respecting the general conditions. It should be noted that the Tango de Pista couples will be sent new musical themes.


The selected couples will participate in the Semifinal.

Each couple who present in person will make a new presentation.

Couples who present themselves virtually will be asked to send a new video respecting the general conditions. New musical themes will be sent to the couples participating in the Tango de Pista category.

The Organization is empowered to eliminate from the competition those participants who:

a) They do not comply with the regulations.

b) Carry out during the course of the competition any manifestation (by whatever means) of a political or religious nature, which could be offensive to the public or the organization, or affect the development of the event.

c) They engage in any ethical misconduct or improper act that tends to tarnish the image of the 2021 Dance World Cup or cause displeasure in the public.

d) Carry out, in the scope or on the occasion of the contest, inside and outside its facilities, as well as in social networks, any action of physical and / or verbal aggression against any person, whether participant, member of the jury, staff or general public.

The order of presentation of the pairs in both final instances will be established by the Organization, ensuring that the order and the rounds are varied in their conformation (with pairs from different countries and / or the same musical themes are not in consecutive order, etc.).


The 2021 Dance World Cup Jury will be appointed by the General Directorate of Central Festivals and Events with the advice of distinguished dance figures. In both categories, the Jury of the Qualifying Rounds will be made up of ten (10) members , in the Semifinals by six (6) and in the Final by seven (7) .

All the decisions of the Jury will be unappealable and of a single instance. Participants, by the mere fact of registering, accept this condition.

The score for each of the presentations will arise from the accumulation of points awarded by each jury on a scale of 1 to 10 with decimals, based on the parameters described in the following section. From the score obtained, an average will be obtained by dividing the total by the number of members of the jury who have voted. Participants who compete in person will be measured on equal terms with participants who compete virtually, combining the scores in a single ranking.

Any jury that has maintained a working or personal relationship with any of the Championship participants or has been a teacher of any of them, may, at their sole discretion, and if they deem it appropriate, refrain from issuing their grade on it. For this purpose, both the voluntary statements of the jurors and the information provided by the participants at the time of registration will be taken into account. In these cases, the organization may choose to put a substitute jury or establish the final score of the couple from the average obtained by the number of jurors who have cast their vote.

The average obtained from the score issued by the Jury will yield, in each category, a winning pair. It will also award prizes and mentions for the second, third, fourth and fifth places and will be empowered to make other mentions as it deems appropriate.

In the event of a tie for first place, the couples that have obtained the same score must dance the songs that are necessary until the vote of the jury produces a winner, without the participants being able to refuse to make the presentations.


The Overseer will be appointed by the General Directorate of Central Festivals and Events and will have the responsibility of guaranteeing compliance with these regulations.


The Tango de Pista is understood as a social dance, where the most important thing is improvisation, embrace and the connection between the couple.

On the presential modality of Tango de Pista:
Couples enrolled in the Tango de Pista category who dance in person will do so in rounds and must, as on the social dance floor, move constantly in counterclockwise direction, without going back. They can, if the movement or dance step so requires it, walk one or two steps to back, always within the space of the couple.

The couple must have registration and respect their own space and that of the rest of the companions in the round in order not to interfere with the harmony in the circulation of the same. If a couple is delayed in their place for more than two sentences, obstructing this movement, the jury may lower their score. In the event that a couple in the round stop the flow of the track, it is not allowed to overtake them. The juries will consider whether this round should dance one more tango to solve the problem.

About the virtual modality of Tango de Pista:
It is understood that the Tango de Pista is eminently a social dance and intended to be danced in the company of other couples. However, taking into account current sanitary restrictions, it is proposed that couples can participate in a virtual way, recording and sending a video of their dance that will later be compiled together with other couples dancing so that several couples can be seen at the same time. unison on screen. Special consideration will be given to those couples who in their presentations, attentive to the limitations of the location chosen to record their videos, make an effort to move through the space respecting the sense of circulation to the way in which a dancing couple would move in person surrounded by other dancers.

On the formation of the couple, both in the presential and virtual modality:
The couple, once formed, will not be able to separate while the music lasts. For the position to be considered correct, the body of one member of the couple must be contained all the time by the embrace of the other, it being understood that in certain figures this may be flexible. All movements and figures must be carried out within the space that allows the embrace between the members of the couple, so as not to harm the surrounding couples. The dancer who takes the role of driver can propose to your partner walking and / or rotate both to his left and his right, without going back on the dance floor.

It is not necessary for the couple to separate between tango and tango.

Of the evaluation parameters, both in the presential and virtual modality:
All the figures that are in popular use of the "social" tango can be made, including sweeps (“barridas”), “sacadas”, curls (“enrosques”), pencils (“lápices”), hooks (“ganchos”), boleos, etc., as well as the use of ornaments, always within their own space and without invading or disturbing the space of the surrounding couples. Jumps, figures that lose contact of both feet with the floor and another choreographic possibility typical of Stage Tango are completely excluded.

The Jury will take into account, as a fundamental point, the personal interpretation of each couple in the different styles. The musicality and elegance of the walk, the communication and connection of the couple and the search for their own personality will be taken into account, as will the changing of dynamics and speed in relation to the tango that is playing while respecting its interpretation.

From clothing , both presential and virtual:

Clothing will not be considered an evaluation parameter, but it is recommended to attend the virtual or presential presentations with a good presence. It is important for couples to remember when choosing their clothing, hairstyle and makeup that the Tango de Pista is a social dance and not a stage dance.

Each couple will make an individual presentation to the music chosen by them, which should not exceed four (4) minutes.

From the presential presentation:
In case of suffering a problem in the presential choreography, it will be up to the couple to continue with it and the jury will evaluate the way and the grace with which the couple has resolved the problem, but it cannot be repeated.

Faced with a technical problem, the Organization together with the Jury will evaluate the possibility of repeating the choreography at the end of the assigned time slot.

From the virtual presentation:
Each couple will send a video of their presentation that must be recorded and sent, without exception, within the time frame imposed by the Organization, according to the technical specifications detailed above.

Of the evaluation parameters , both in the presential and virtual modality:
It will be possible to dance according to the particular vision that each interpreter has of Argentine Tango dance, meaning that it will be allowed to use movements, figures and applications that do not directly refer to traditional Tango. Nevertheless, classical figures of thango must be present in the choreography. “ochos”, the turns, the long walks, the boleos, the hooks (“ganchos”) and the “abrazo milonguero” (tango embrace). You may break the embrace and use techniques that are contributed by other dance disciplines, as long as they have a reason for being and are carried out for the benefit of the performance of the interpreter.

Aerial tricks and other movements typical of other dances should not be excessive, meaning that they should not exceed one third of the performance. The couple must have sequences of movement to the floor throughout the stage space.

Of clothing:
Clothing will be considered an evaluation parameter.

Each category of the 2021 Dance World Cup will have a winning couple. The first prize in each category will be ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND ARGENTINEAN PESOS (Ar$ 150.000.-). be paid SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND ARGENTINEAN PESOS (Ar$ 75 .000.-) to each member of the couple. Prizes and special mentions will also be awarded for second, third, fourth and fifth places. All contestants will receive a certificate for their participation in the 2021 Dance World Cup.

Payments are made through the City Government Treasury by bank transfer . For such purposes and without exception, each member of the winning couple must be the holder of a bank account in their name authorized to receive money transfers.

The registration and subsequent accreditation of each couple implies the knowledge and acceptance of these Regulations by each of the participants of the 2021 Dance World Cup. The Organization will duly resolve any inconvenience not contemplated in these Regulations and will establish or report on the clarifying regulations or interpretative that it considers necessary.

In case of doubt or disagreement, a written presentation (in Spanish or English) must be made to the Organization and not directly to the Jury, in accordance with the terms of the Administrative Procedures Law (Decree No. 1,510 / 97 (BOCBA No. 310).

In case of controversy in the interpretation or implementation of this Regulation, the participants and the Organization will submit to the jurisdiction of the Administrative and Tax Litigation Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction that may any reason may correspond to them; For this purpose, they set their special addresses in those indicated in the registration forms, where all the notifications that must be made will be considered valid, establishing that the judicial notifications that must be sent to the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires must be made in Uruguay 458, Department of Judicial Trades and Cédulas, as established in Article 20 of Law No. 1218 and Article 1 of Resolution No. 77-PG-06.