About FIBA 2021

Enjoy the best local and international stage projects in theaters, outdoor spaces and online.

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FIBA proposes itself as a fundamental tool to accompany and encourage artists to create within the framework of a pandemic stage. In order to do so, stage and performative proposals of different magnitude were generated under different formats, and they are presented as cultural content of consumption for the neighbors of the City of Buenos Aires, as well as a source of work and recovery for a large part of the sector.

After a 2020 pierced through by such measures as isolation and social distancing, performance arts become a central vector for the recovery of social and artistic instances that had been put on standby, but always attending to the new needs and perspectives.

That is why, attentive to what is happening and fostering the logic of the Festival, this edition seeks to accompany the redesign of the theatrical device, site-specific productions, playing with the alternatives offered by the different spaces of the City of Buenos Aires, various outdoor spaces and a large amount of non-conventional spaces, always abiding by the measures of social distancing. An enormous amount of outdoor content and in independent theaters, both public and private, always respecting social distance and health protocols in force.

FIBA is the first large festival in Argentina’s cultural scene to return with new ways of approaching presential performing arts and a strong wager for virtuality, with proposals that reach the entire country in such an unusual context.

With 1308 artists on stage, FIBA 2021 proposes 10 days of 180 performances and activities in 30 theaters and outdoor spaces across the City of Buenos Aires, and more than 75 virtual contents that, through Vivamos Cultura and other digital platforms and applications, will make the Festival reach the entire country.